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“Thank you for believing in me when I was unsure of myself. You really made our pregnancy and birth so special! You are an awesome midwife and friend. You are an inspiration to me as I grow as a momma.” S.S.

“Thank you for everything-the education, your encouragement and support. You have helped bring an everlasting memory to our family.” C.

“What you have done for us is nothing short of a miracle. Your confidence and belief in yourself and the human body has given us the opportunity to enjoy a very viable pregnancy. You are my ‘wise woman’.” L.& S.

“Thank you for making our whole pregnancy and birth experience so wonderful. You have a way of making people feel special and cared for. Before I met you I NEVER thought I would have a totally unmedicated birth…a HOME birth no less!” Love J. & R

“It’s an incredible journey that she guides women through!” J.& K.

“We very much enjoyed our birth experience at home on our terms. We cannot speak highly enough of our midwife Chris. Through our entire pregnancy she was warm, helpful, understanding and clearly competent. By the time I was in labor, I felt as though she was simply a friend coming over, who just happened to know how babies come in the world!” J. & K.M.

“Thank you for making our dream-birth a reality!” A,N,C and J