Christine M. Thain, LM CPM

While listening to an obstetrician at a career day event in high school, Christine came to realization that she wanted to be a part of helping women have a positive birthing experience. She attended the University of Washington and completed her undergraduate and pre-med studies with a BS in Psychology.

After years of helping her husband create his dream of opening a chiropractic office, she finally had the time to focus on what she wanted to do in her life. That life defining moment happened while returning home from a chiropractic conference with her husband. He looked up from a magazine he was reading and declared, “You should be a midwife!” That thought resonated within Christine unlike anything she had experienced. Immediately upon their return, Christine discovered that the most prestigious and, at the time, only accredited midwifery school in the country, Seattle Midwifery School was right in her backyard. During her training at midwifery school she traveled overseas to a site in Samoa where she spent a month delivering babies. In 1995 Christine graduated from Seattle Midwifery School and became a licensed midwife in 1996. That same year, she and a colleague co-founded the Puget Sound Birth Center (PSBC) located in Kirkland, WA. After being with PSBC for 2 years, she decided to sell her interest in the Center and open Eastside Birth Center in Bellevue, WA.

As a midwife, Christine enjoys educating, encouraging and supporting families during this life-changing occasion. Labor and birth are an intimate process and she loves the opportunity to connect with women on that level. Christine feels honored and blessed when chosen to be part of a mother’s birthing experience.

Loren Riccio ND, LM, CPM

Women are given the gift of being able to create life. A wise woman once said “women know how to have babies and babies know how to be born”.

Women’s bodies are capable of creating and delivering a baby with little or no intervention during an uncomplicated birth. Midwives are the witnesses to the birth, allowing it to proceed naturally while monitoring for any unforeseen problems.

Realizing the importance of how we enter this world and her desire to help make it a safe and sacred experience, Loren believes in spending quality time sharing her knowledge and helping to empower families. The experiences surrounding pregnancy and childbirth are very intimate. Women and their families should be empowered through the transformative ritual of birth. Having a baby may be the most creative thing you’ll ever do.  As a midwife, Loren serves as a protector and guide along your journey.

Loren has played many roles in various birthing communities.  She volunteered as a doula in King County for several years supporting families in need.  She assisted in providing prenatal and well-woman care in free clinics in rural India where some women had walked for days to reach the clinics. She traveled to New Zealand to meet with midwives in a country where the majority

of births are supported through midwifery care. She spent time delivering babies in the island country of Vanuatu where she learned to speak a little pidgeon english in order to communicate with women during their labors.

Loren’s interest in becoming both a naturopath and midwife is to provide continuity of care for women and their families, care that begins preconceptionally and continues beyond pregnancy and throughout life’s transitions for mother, baby, and family. 

Loren graduated from Bastyr University as a doctor of naturopathic medicine with a certificate in naturopathic midwifery. She is an adjunct faculty at Bastyr University where she has taught Pediatrics and Prenatal Complications. Loren practices naturopathic family medicine where she offers home and birth center births, along with care for the entire family.

Andrea Henderson, LM, CPM, IBCLC

I have wanted to be a "doctor who delivers babies" since I was a young girl, "a calling" as some would say. I did not know what a midwife was as a child but ever since I have been interested in pregnant women, birth and babies.

I started my midwifery journey at Central Washington University working towards a BS in Pre-Midwifery, a degree that I helped to create with my advisors. I continued my education at the Seattle Midwifery School to gain a certificate in midwifery. Upon graduation I enjoyed catching hundreds of babies while working at the Puget Sound Birth Center. I am excited to move forward in my midwifery path as I join Chris and Loren at the Eastside Birth Center. I am also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I have nursed all three of my own children, including twins. I am offering private in- home or office breastfeeding consultations for those who want it.

I genuinely love my career as a midwife. I have discovered that there is nothing that I would rather do than assist women and their families during this miraculous time of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. As a midwife, it is my responsibility to empower families

through individualized education, knowledge and support as well as to safeguard the birth experience, while recognizing the normalcy of the entire process. My daughter, Luna, was born at home in the care of midwives. This home birth was an amazing experience that strengthened my understanding of the precious time surrounding birth. My twin daughters, June and Quinn, were born in a hospital. My births have been beneficial life experiences. Having birthed both at home and in the hospital has been helpful to me as a midwife as it lets me relate to clients and their own experiences with more familiarity. These experiences have deepened my understanding of how valuable and essential the quality of care is that licensed midwives provide. I am deeply committed to this holistic model, which includes one on one care with a dedication to respect and dignity.

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